Artist | Educator | Conceptualist | New Orleanian

As an individual, I capture the energy of New Orleans – the energy before the storm and the energy after.. I then try and make sense of it once I can slow down, look at it, reflect upon it, and evaluate it… feel pride in it, feel confused by it, fall in love in it and embody it – test it, push it, and in the end let it all go in order to have it come back again stronger, reinforced, enlivened…
“I find myself searching for narrative and meaning in our everyday objects.  I believe objects can serve as a catalyst for new and meaningful dialogue and conversation when placed in the right way.  I explore how I can purposefully combine specific objects in order to create new understanding  …especially amongst diverse groups of people.”
New Media Object Art | Conceptual Art | Folk Art | Regionalism
I dedicate most of my time to developing my theories on and about Visual Literacy.  Follow my Twitter @Speak_Visually or my Instagram @laurengodo
I create art and collect art and sell authentic antiques and vintage items on Etsy | ArtistandArtifacts
— as I build my empire —