Best Op Art … in my opinion… goes to….

Animal Collective!  Well…  Akiyoshi Kitaoka for his illusion based imagery for the Merriweather Post Pavillion album.

If you have never heard of Akiyoshi Kitaoka then you should check him and his ‘Illusion Pages’ website out … click here.

Akiyoshi Kitaoka (born 1961) is a Professor of Psychology in Kyoto, Japan. After receiving his PhD in 1991, he specialized in visual perception and visual illusions of geometrical shape, brightness, color, in motion illusions and other visual phenomena. He became renowned through his Rotating snakesillusion in 2003.  [Excerpt copied from – A Design Blog

So Mr. Kitaoka – you officially have won a FAVORITES Award from me!

As do you – Thank you for the information!

Op Art_Animal Collective_Merriweather PP Album Cover
Akiyoshi Kitaoka

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