Braindump: My Blog Development

As I begin to truly dive into this blog… because it’s there… I get it now and I am super pumped!… As I embark on this new way of life for myself.. You will come across posts titled, ‘Braindump:’.

These posts are purely the things I HAVE to get out of my head creatively as I tread this oh so fine walk between the process of ‘technology creation’ and the ‘process of artistic creation’ and my love hate relationship with it.

Therefore – Braindumps. Β Exactly how it sounds and exactly what it is πŸ™‚

This evening’s Braindump: Β My Blog Development …. Conceptual Phase

I am thinking it’s purpose is….. Learning & Lifestyle…..

Lauren Lamarque’s Blog [Insert Title Soon] will be constructed off the basic structure of Things I Know and Things I’ve Learned….

and WHY my opinion matters…. providing informed dialogue and commentary… and the special insights and experiences of my Aquarian ruled, Oya driven, New Orleanian world.. Β  YES!!

more to come……. πŸ˜‰

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