Loving this site! — Bigthink.com

As I develop my blog the words IDEAS and THINKING keep being the two leaders of the race.  So as I thought more about the actual name of my blog upcoming and what it will be modeled after…

this site is a GREAT resource for both personal development & design inspiration but also pretty darn cool too.

Therefore I am definitely giving a Favorite Award to BigThink.com!

As for me — I am thinking that what I do know about myself is that you can sum me up well with the following:

BIG Questions.  BIG Thinking.  BIG Living.  BIG Ideas.

The continuous and glorious cycle of learning and teaching – teaching and learning.

Lots of questions and lots of ideas.  The mind is such a beautiful thing and I know I wake up excited everyday to use mine.

#makealivingmakingart  #bloglife ……… more to come!IMG_5443

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